Alpaca massage pillow

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Take care of your whole body, understand what you need

  • 【Massage Pillow】: The ergonomically sheep designed massage pillow can merge with the contours of different parts of the body, stretch the sides of the spine to the greatest extent, and resolve stress and fatigue.
  • 【Smart Heat & Vibration】: USB charging, smart vibration design, when someone is lying on the pillow, the pillow starts to shake automatically, and stops when leaving.
  • 【Magnetic Massage】: 6 pieces of magnetic massage, which can carry out powerful circular kneading, can help promote blood circulation, help soothe and relax muscles, relieve fatigue.
  • 【Large Range of Support】: The pillow size is about 45 * 18 * 45 cm. The large support area can be rotated close to the lumbar spine. It is very suitable for being placed on the back of the chair.
  • 【High-quality and Durable Design】: The sheet designed soft Massage Pillow is made of high-quality fabric, soft and breathable, beautiful and practical, and can also be used as an ordinary decorative pillow.
  • 【PERFECT GIFT】: Give the gift of highly efficient, high tech comfort to your loved ones. The perfect gift for men and women!
  • PAIN RELIEF: Compact shiatsu massage pillow fits perfectly behind neck, back and body. Versatile massage with switchable built-in heat and light feature and 2 massage directions. Great for pain relief!

Product details

  • Product Name : Alpaca Massage Pillow
  • Product Model : S20269
  • Product size: 45 * 18 * 45cm
  • Product color: White
  • Massage area: Neck, Arms, Shoulder, Waist, Abdomen, Legs, Calves, 
  • Core Features : Kneading,Rolling, Air compression, Carbon Heating
  • Product Usage :  Home, Office, Car, Flight, Camping, Tracking, Gift etc