Deluxe Foot & Knee Massager

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Take care of your legs and feet, understand what you need

  • 【Two-in-one | Deluxe Foot & Knee Massager】This machine is not only a foot massager but also a Knee, foot and calf massager, easy to manipulate with 2 correspondingly activated panels. The unique calf massage can help you alleviate leg discomfort caused by standing or sitting for a long time, exercise and work, relieve stress and relax the calf.
  • 【Unique Split Design】 The unique Split design can freely switch between knee, foot treatment mode and leg mode. Enable you to enjoy a lightweight and portable massage wherever you are.
  • 【Unique Calf Air Compression Therapy】When unfolded, choose "LEGS" mode to enjoy combined foot kneading tapping massage plus foot & calf part compression massage; Moreover you can adjust the Airbag, Heating & Vibration mode as per your needs.
  • 【Fashionable and Practical Massage】 The leg massager is modern and fashionable. Friendly operation ensure easy care and hygienic use; Get yourself or your loved ones with this unique massager and enjoy the luxury therapist-mimicking knee, foot, calf & leg massage at home .
  • Ergonomically designed for comprehensive physical therapy Massage on dual knees or legs and reduce stress on sore knees or stiff legs, improve muscle flexibility, and soothe knee discomfort.
  • Compression massage on knees or legs with two selective automatic massage modes and its dual control Board on top and side panel makes possible for reversible use for leg massage.
  • Vibration massage and heat therapy create flow in lower body and release tension around knees.
  • Heat therapy with two selective temperature levels and compression massage, vibration massage, and heat treatment can work alone or simultaneously.

Product details

    • Product Name: Deluxe Foot & Knee Massager
    • Product Model: HC-9  
    • Product size: 53 * 43.5 * 51cm
    • Product color: Pearl White
    • Product weight: Net weight 8KG Gross weight 10KG
    • A complete foot reflexology
  • Massage area: Knee + Calf + Foot
  • Core Features: Kneading,Rolling, Air compression, Carbon Heating

Safety Information:

What you need to know about buying
People who are prohibited by motorcycle products:
1. Patients with malignant tumors
2. A patient who has a bleeding tendency.
3. Pregnant women, maternity
4. Patients with acute inflammatory disease.
5. Heart Pacemaker Users
6. Metal internal patients
7. Patients with artificial organs or prosthetic limbs
8. Patients with dysregulation of blood circulation and varicose veins
9. Patients with exposed mouth and skin damage
The following groups are available only after consulting with a doctor's recommendation.
1. Patients who are being treated by a doctor and are feeling abnormal
2. Patients with heart and brain abnormalities
3. Patients with a body temperature of more than 38 degrees (during the heat period)
4. Patients with infectious diseases
5. Patients with skin awareness disorders or skin abnormalities
6. Patients who are taking drugs or blood pressure abnormalities
7. Patients who are not able to express their own will freely