Baymax Disney Massage Chair

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 Marvel Disney RT8630 Massage Chair

  • RT8630 massage chair from Rotai is designed from a Disney animation character, Baymax, combined with the cutting edge technology to give you massage that your body needs.
  • RT8630 creates a three-dimensional space by strengthening concave /convex contrast, bringing a stronger sense of privacy and security.
  • Based on big data analysis of human body shapes, entrance size, corridor width, etc. factors, this model can fit in 90% users (30% higher than the average massage chair on the market).

3D Deep Tissue Massage

  • This Rotai 3rd generation intelligent mechanism can provide a multi-angle, perfect fitting massage for neck, shoulder, back and waist.
  • Over 30 innovative massage techniques provides extreme comfort and more recorded counting signal, quicker response and more accurate controls in body scanning and closed-loop control of massage techniques.
  • It adopts multiple factors adjustment system and intelligent algorithm to deliver more comprehensive analysis. 

Easy To Use Control


  • 8 Inches touch screen offers an easier access to all functions. Long press the rotary switch to start massage.
  • Quick buttons allow quick, hands-on control of massage chair.
  • Simply drop your phone onto the charging pad to enjoy an elegant wireless charging.
  • Power/Auto massage:Long press rotary switch to power on/off, short press to toggle among 6 auto programs
  • Rotary switch:Rotate clockwise/counterclockwise to increase/decrease 3D massage intensity.

Patended Double Acting Legrest

  • Upper footrest two way traction by 90MM Lower footrest two way traction by 170MM.
  • Self-adaptive adjustment for various users of different height ranges.
  • 6 Airbags perform hand simulation kneading and rubbing massage to increase the supply of fresh blood for legs.

Super Long SL-Style Track


Conforming to ergonomic principle, backrest can reclines to 130-160°, delivering three dimensional massage along the entire length of the spine, and all the way down to hips and the thighs.

  • Head massage – clear the mind and improve memory.
  • Neck massage – relieve fatigue and boost blood flow.
  • Shoulder massage – relieve stiffness and pain.
  • Back massage – boost viability of muscles.
  • Waist massage – reduce fat and strengthen muscles.
  • Buttock massage – shape and tone muscles.
  • Thigh massage – soothe sciatic nerves.