Angel Foot & Calf Massager

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Take care of your legs and feet, understand what you need
  • Roller Reflexology Massage for Calf Ankle & Feet
  • Warm Air Technology
  • Wrap around power squeeze for Calf Ankles and Feet
  • Turbo Vibration Massage with soothing heat
  • Air pressure with Intensity control and option to choose the suitable programmer

Product details

  • Product size: 54 * 52.5 * 56.5cm
  • Rated power: 60W
  • Product weight: Net weight 12KG  Gross weight 14KG

Safety Information:

 Power on the product and sit on chair to use the product. In the following circumstances, switch the power off immediately and disconnect the power supply plug from the electrical outlet: 1. If water is spilled on the massager.2. If severe or abnormal pain is felt during the massage stop operation and consult your doctor.3. If you detect any malfunction or any other abnormal condition during operation.4. If there is lighting. Safety Instructions: Do not use the massager for any other purpose other than massage, this may result in accident and injury; do not use the massager when the fabric cover is torn or is missing. Do not let children's or person who are not capable of operating the equipment to operate the machinery. Do not stand or sit in the product. Do not insert metallic objects or flammable material into the main body, this may result in electrocution, short circuit or possible fire. Do not use the massager within an hour of mealtime. Do not cover the massager during operation, this may result in rise in motor temperature and subsequent breakdown or fire. Do not unplug or switch of the massager during operation. Do not sleep while using the massager..